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The Acton 2020 Town Committee would like to invite you to comment on the preferred alternatives as selected during the September 16, 2014 Public Workshop.

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You will be asked to provide feedback on the following preferred concepts for Kelley's Corner

Circulation and Roadway Improvements
• Balanced Network
• Expanded Network

Streetscape and Landscape Alternatives
• Civic Character
• Informal Character

Land Planning and Urban Design
• Planned Mixed Use
Circulation and Roadway Preferred Alternatives

The following two concepts, Balanced Network and Expanded Network, were chosen as the preferred options during the Public Workshop.
Balanced Network

Balanced Network offers a solution to the long-standing traffic issue in Kelley's Corner and improves safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, but requires the Town to take small strips of land.

• Expand to three vehicle lanes for key segments of both Massachusetts Avenue and Main Street
• Add two bicycle lanes and complete two sidewalks on both sides to Mass Ave. and Main
• Undertake access management changes to reduce curb cuts and turning movements that add to congestion and safety problems
• Accept Community Lane as a public way, provide improvements including sidewalks on both sides, and re-signal the intersection
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Expanded Network

The Expanded Network is a vision for the future of Kelley's Corner where secondary avenues and shared-use paths improve the connectivity within the development parcels. This would enhance the resident's experience of Kelley's Corner, not address regional traffic.

• Create shared interior streets for all modes of transportation with large new development
• Provide for pedestrian-friendly, secondary network of streets, sidewalks and additional  bike routes

The creation of new interior connections would be accomplished by the private sector according to Town standards.

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The image below shows a possible streetscape in an internal street, specifically shared, slow travels lanes and on-street parking.
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Streetscape and Landscape Preferred Alternatives

Streetscape and Landscape defines the Town's approach to designing the user's experience as a motorist, pedestrian, or cyclist on the street. 

a. It should be easier for residents and patrons to access Kelley’s Corner
b. The entire area should be more attractive and safe for walking and biking 

The following two concepts, Civic Character and Informal Character, were chosen as the preferred options during the Public Workshop for different areas of Kelley's Corner, as shown below.
Civic Character

• Consistent patterns of street trees, lighting, paving and furniture to provide a unifying character
• Sidewalks and paving typically extend to curb
• Traditional design characteristics related to Town features, formal street furniture
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Informal Character

• Varied patterns of street trees, paving and furniture to provide a picturesque character
• Sidewalks and paving typically held back from curb, and may meander
• Design characteristics related to the landscape features in the Town,
• Lighting fixtures chosen for compatibility with a more park-like quality, may be contemporary
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Land Planning and Urban Design

Land Planning and Urban Design concerns the use of private land, which the Town cannot develop itself, but the Town can direct the future of development through regulation (Zoning) and incentives. 

In considering Land Planning and Urban Design, alternatives were presented at the Public Workshop, and one option was selected as the desired direction for the future of Kelley's Corner.

Important factors in the development of Kelley's Corner are as follows:

Market Potential, Density and Mix of Uses
• Redevelopment and new investment is desirable
• Most sites are not likely to significantly change in the short to mid-term
• Significant change can be anticipated on a few large sites and areas over the long term, and could be managed with Town regulatory standards
• Incremental changes may be anticipated at any time, and could be better regulated
• Market demand exists within the scale of available sites and space for a mix of retail, commercial, and housing uses
• Market conditions and real estate economics will not support densities dependent upon significant amounts of structured parking

Opportunities and Constraints for Development
• Redevelopment must respond to market opportunities
• Reinvestment will occur when the benefit of redevelopment exceeds the risks and costs for sites
• Renovations or additions may be practical for some locations
• Zoning constraints are primarily associated with the limits on the uses that can occur, such as housing in some areas of Kelley’s Corner

Existing Improvements, Lot Coverage and Land Efficiency

• Many of the sites in Kelley’s Corner are practically “built out” in terms of lot coverage by buildings, parking, according to today’s zoning standards and portions of site that are difficult to use because of slopes, landscaping or the proportions of the parcel.
• However, some sites are available today, and over the longer term some of the larger sites are likely to be reorganized and improved.
Existing Land Use and Development Pattern

Planned Mixed Use

• Require buildings to have a principle orientation towards the street
• Provide parking along the sides and behind buildings relative to the street
• Set standards for landscaping, signage, architectural character and other important contributors to the quality and value of the area
• Encourage multiple buildings on lots if they are appropriately located and share parking
• Keep the scale of housing consistent with the character of the area, up to 3 stories.
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